“Dark” (Evil draws close!) – Part one

[This review was previously published in Italian here, then in Spanish here and in Romanian here.]

It was a peaceful night in early December. Evgenij was sleeping placidly in his bed.

Suddenly, a flash of lightning tore through the night sky, followed shortly after by the rumble of thunder and the roar of rain. The window, already ajar, swung open and a gust of fresh wind blew across the reviewer’s face, making him tremble. There was a sound like that of a wide sheet being slammed, and a two-meter-tall being with large bat wings, ruined by several gashes in the lower part, flew into the room.

The creature had large goat legs, covered to the waist by black breeches, from which a red cloth decorated with golden curlicues hung at the height of the abdomen. The dark bluish skin of the strong, muscular chest was covered with reddish scars that formed arcane circular patterns. Huge, curved horns surmounted a mass of straight black hair and long pointed ears. In the darkness, two green lights shone under the blindfold that covered the cavities of the eyeballs.

-Evgenij, wake up!- shouted the demon in a hollow voice, turned to the bookcase, giving his back to the bed. Evgenij jumped under the quilt, rubbed his eyes and put on the glasses placed on the bedside table, next to the books Nihilist Girl and We.

-Aaah! A demon!- he screamed in fright as soon as he managed to see the intruder from behind. A lightning bolt tore the sky.

-A demon? Where?- the creature shouted back, turning suddenly. Evgenij gave him a puzzled look.

-Ah, you were referring to me … Sorry, sometimes I get confused … – muttered the monster, scratching his head shyly. – Damn, now the atmosphere is a bit ruined … Do you mind if we do it again? –

Evgenij shrugged. -Well, okay.- he replied, and immediately took on a frightened expression again. -Aah … a monster! –

The mysterious being stared at him severely. – I felt you a little less convinced than before, but never mind.-

The reviewer pulled himself up and sat. -What are you? A Shinigami? –

-What …? No! – exclaimed the intruder in an injured tone. -Do not you recognise me? Yet you should! –

Evgenij sighed. -No, I don’t think so. Well, after all, it makes sense that you are not a God of death: I have not yet received any notebook with which to get rid of the wretched fanfictions, so … – The reviewer thought for a moment. – Are you by chance my conscience as a university student? –

-Bah! – retorted the demonic creature with contempt. -Do you think she would look so cool? And then you haven’t heard from her for many months, am I wrong? –

-Indeed, it’s been a while since I heard last time that inner voice that suggests me to study and not to waste too much time with reviews. Do you know what happened to her? – Evgenij asked with curiosity.

– She’s fine, she went on honeymoon with your practical sense. You don’t really need any of them. – the bluish demon said. -No, I’m a manifestation of your past self, and now I’m your reviewer conscience! –

-Oh, really?-

-Eh, I was unemployed and at the employment office they gave me this new job created recently.- explained the demon.

-And why did you only appear now? – Evgenij asked skeptically.

-Actually, I have been following you since the moment in which you and fanwriter91 decided which name to give to your review blog: after all, you have to be a demon, at least a little, in order to hunt demons. Like me, in short. – explained the demon hunter. -I do not know how many of your readers understood the metaphor in the title, though.- added afterwards touching his chin thoughtfully.

-Ah, deep down I was hoping that someone would take it for a reference to Dostoevsky, but it seems that fanwriter91 is right, after all: the secret to success are ponies! Bah … – the reviewer answered back, shaking his head.

-I understand, but I did not come here to waste time on this pointless talk! – roared the hunter showing his sharp teeth and pointed a finger culminating in a sharpened claw at Evgenij. -You neglected your mission! –

-What? No, why? – stammered the young man in bed, blanching.

-What have you been doing all this time? You said you wanted to start to translate and maybe even write reviews in English, and it has passed a year before you really updated this collection of critical reviews!- barked the demon.

-Hey, yes, but this has not been a year like another! Moreover, it takes time to modify jokes and comic scenes like this one in other to adapt them to another language and brand new readers who know nothing about our lore (since it has been written only in Italian, by now).-

-No excuses! – the demon hunter interrupted him. -You built your fame on harsh criticisms of grandiose and horrid monstrosities, you promised to take the fight even beyond the frontier of your own language and therefore you cannot afford such inaction! –

-Oh, come on!- Evgenij blurted out. –It’s not that simple! And in any case, what should we start this collection with? Maybe with the translation of the review of that Larry fic with Harry the demon and Louis the kidnapped and raped angel? Or the fanfiction where Justin and his accomplices kidnapped girls and claimed their possession? –

-You’d like to! – retorted the sarcastic demon, and the lights in his eyeballs became more intense. -This collection has to be started in a very different way, and you know it, despite trying to deny it to yourself. Indeed, there is an abominable fanfiction written initially in English whose slating deserves to be translated first. A dark story … –

Evgenij swallowed in fear.

-A fic on the One Direction, in which the female main character falls in love with the evil bad boy Harry Styles! A fic dating back to 2012 and which started the fashion of such stories! – continued the demon hunter in an increasingly loud voice.

-No, no … – Evgenij stuttered in a cold sweat.

-A fic of a good sixty chapters: the first ten consists of stalking and harassment, the others of fluff and possessiveness! Compared to After in some comments! Published on Wattpad by many profiles, and translated into various languages! You have to translate the first part of the review! – shouted the demon lifting the reviewer by the scruff of the neck. –You have to crush it mercilessly even in its original language! This is your dark destiny! – Evgenij stared at the flames burning under the bandage on the demon’s face and cried: – NOOO!!! –

The reviewer woke up suddenly in his bed, drenched in sweat. He looked quickly around: the window was closed and the pale moon outside was faintly illuminating the sky. Slowly he tried to calm down. It was just a dream. He was going to put himself to bed again, but noticed that the computer screen was strangely on. He took his glasses with feverish movements and walked over. He saw a page of Wattpad, but could only read one word: “Dark”.

-NOOO!!! –

Here we are: this is the review of “Dark”.

“Dark”: the great primal horror, the very extremely super original story of a violent and abusive Harry Styles which frightens the Hope of this tale, forces her to date him, stalks and molests her in the creepiest possible way, except for being then redeemed by the “true love” and thus becoming a sweet orgasms-machine.

“Dark”: the fanfiction that was the first to launch the trend of the Harry Bad Boy, just as “Danger” did with Justin Bieber.

“Dark”: one of our greatest challenges!

This fanfiction has been translated multiple times in Italian, here on Wattpad and on the Italian fanfiction website EFP: we already reviewed critically such translations, and now we come to deal with the original version of this story, as well as its sequel “Knockout”.

The original author of “Dark” is called H28, but sometimes it is referred to as “Hannah” or han_rawrr, however this last account on Wattpad is empty.


Some users even questioned that this han_rawrr is the real author, even though she has her own fan page on Twitter, apparently:

Anyway, the fanfiction “Dark” and its sequel have been published on Wattpad by many different profiles (whether with or without the consent of H28 it is not always clear): GlowLand, Firefever, DaliaMSalah, SarahJ_xx, Kenna_5_Styles, smilsnarry, CelebrityGeek, musicforsound. I mention them all here, since they decided to help spread this horrible story.














In addition, as for the Italian translation, there are pages on Facebook dedicated to the original version of “Dark”, even though, luckily, they seem to have been inactive for five years or more:



On tumblr there are many references to “Dark” and han-rawr as well:


However, the actual page of han-rawr is now empty


since it appears that she created another account:


I think it is also interesting to watch the trailers of this fanfiction on YouTube: I do not know about you, but it makes me laugh a lot to see the real Harry Styles associated with sentences like “He was dangerous” or “He has a dark side”. With that nice and kind face? Come on!

Anyway, you may easily notice how these trailers are basically identical: zero originality, indeed.

Well, to be honest, in the last one there is a cameo of Tyrion Lannister slapping Joffrey (around 1:00): it does not make any sense, but I guess they wanted to add some random violence. And let’s be honest: that was one of the best moments in Game of Thrones, so I do not complain.

All in all, this shows that this fanfiction gathered around itself a huge fandom… That’s so painful…

Coming back to the story itself, it is remarkable to notice how often it has been described as “different” by its fans.

Indeed, it is a different story, so much different from the other fanfictions: in fact, here Harry Styles is a violent maniac and a stalker, who forces the female main character to date him.

You know, maybe, before 2012 there existed only fanfictions where Harry Styles was a normal person, and perhaps they were also nice stories. Then these poor stories on normal and healthy relationships have been devoured by the dark tide of Hopes.

If you readers know about some well written fanfictions on the One Direction group, with an interesting plot and well-built characters, please write to us and send us the links: we shall be glad to advertise something positive, in opposition to all this filth.

By the way, in this and our future reviews we shall use the nickname Hope to refer to the stereotypical female main character since this is the name of this type of character in many wretched fanfiction (especially from the One Direction fandom). This habit probably derives from the fact that Miley Cyrus’ birth name is Hope Destiny (and indeed, Destiny has been also frequently used in similarly horrible fanfictions).

In any case, this preamble is already way too long: let us start with this torture.

I immediately spotted my group of friends in the crowded room. The party had become busier as the night drew on, the house barely containing the numerous intoxicated teenagers.

So, we start ex abrupto, directly with the classical scene of a stereotyped party among teens. And we start in a great way: here the boys and girls are not only drunk, but straight up “intoxicated”!

Maybe it is me that I was never too much rowdy as a teenager, but I got drunk multiple times, I went to many parties, and for sure I have never been surrounded by a crowd of intoxicated people.

In addition, maybe it is still me who never wanted to smoke, but I do not get which pleasure is in smoking (and maybe in doing drugs, although the text is unclear) to the point at which one does not understand anything anymore. After all, at least alcoholic drinks made me euphoric, and not at all sleepy, as opposed to the guys I saw smoking the hookah (maximum level of transgression that I can testify).

“It was then I noticed a rather attractive male appear in the doorway of the kitchen. His smile lit up his face, brown eyes sparkling at me. My lips revealed a shy smile as he began to make his way over.”

Oh, such a sweet scene!

Our main character has eyed up a nice guy who smiles at her and does not seem to be high. And she smiles back to him: let us see if he invites her to dance.

“But I grew a little disappointed as he stopped instantly, his vision darting to a spot over my shoulder. I spun to discover what he was intently looking at, a tall boy with dark curly hair angrily pinned him with his harsh gaze.”

Oh, no…

HE has come!!

And here we are, this is the first appearance of Harry Styles, immediately recognizable from the description: a tall boy with dark curly hair and harsh gaze.

The worrisome thing is that the first two details make him look similar to me, even though my hair is much curlier, and I am about ten centimeters taller than him.
Or rather, I am taller than the real Harry Styles, while the one in this fanfiction seems to be a two meters tall bodybuilder from some of the descriptions, as we shall see.

At this point, the female main character remembers that she had already heard talking about Harry.

“This boy had lost his temper one night, beating a guy to the floor. He had a history of violent behaviour, no wonder my brown-eyes guy immediately backed off. He headed straight back into the kitchen without giving me a second look.”

No, brown-eyes guy, do not run away!! Please, save the main character from the bad boy Harry and prevent this fic from existing!

Now that the rival has been gotten rid of only with a Sith gaze, Harry Styles has free reign.

The main character is frightened by the newcomer, even though she delights us with the unrequested description of his clothes, which I kindly omit.

“”Dance with me.” He spoke in a raspy voice.

I didn’t have time to respond before he tugged me away, the cup I was holding dropping and spilling to the floor. A large palm was place on my lower back forcing me forwards into his body. My hand flew up to his chest to stop myself from pressing into him. His rough actions left me utterly speechless; I’d never been treated like this before.

The approach of the bad boy Harry Styles, ladies and gentlemen: to make run away the possible rivals with deadly gazes and to force the terrified girl to dance with him, forcibly squashing her on him. Simply disgusting.

Lady R:- Maybe he hypnotized the rival by looking into his eyes.-

Just to point out the obvious, it is not bad to flirt with a girl by asking her to dance; here the problem is that the girl is scared to the point that she is not able to speak, and that the boy is clearly forcing her. That’s simply great, what is going to happen now?

“I boldly looked up, stunned to see a pair of sparkling eyes peering down at me. They were almost a jade colour, framed with dark lashes.”

Ah, so now Harry has jade coloured eyes and not emerald green, as in most of the other fanfictions? I do not think that this is an original detail, anyway.

“”What’s your name, beautiful?”

“B-Bo.” I stuttered.”

Fun fact, in the Italian slang we say “boh” when we want to mean that we have no idea and we cannot answer a question. Hence, these two lines were quite hilarious in the Italian translation of this story: it seemed that the main character did not even know her name.

Or that she was too scared to remember it, if we take the whole situation into account.

Nevertheless, I did a short research and I discovered that Bo is a male name of Danish (or more in general Scandinavian) origin, derived from the Norse verb “to live”, that is, “bua”. However, in the USA it is also used as a female name, since it can be seen as the diminutive of Bonita, Bonnie and similar names.

Anyway, the Italian meaning of this name is a perfect synthesis of the personality of this particular Hope-like character, as we shall see.

“He smiled down at me, his overpowering presence travelling to my ear.

“I’m Harry.” He hotly whispered.

Before he withdrew, the fullness of his lips pressed to the spot just below my ear. My eyes fluttered closed and I gripped his neck tighter. I released a gasp as he forced my hips to his. A deep chuckle vibrated in his chest, clearly enjoying the reaction he was drawing from me. I had never experienced anything like this before, apparently it was obvious.”

So, Harry introduces himself by sucking her neck and by placing his crotch on her pelvis, all of this while he giggles amused.

Is there no one at this party who sees this scene and intervenes?!? Are they all totally high?!

It seems so, unfortunately.

Also, it should be noted that Harry is presented here as a behemoth capable of winning in a fight against ten people. I already hear you say: “Of course, he’s the textbook bad boy.” True, but this was the first successful fic where he was represented like this: this is the origin of everything!

Nutella-eyes guy, please, come back to us! You left too soon!

It would be beautiful, if he could come back, but, alas, he abandoned us to the hell which is this fanfiction.

““I like you” he smirked “You’re so…innocent.”

His dark gaze fell down to my chest, taking advantage of his height he indulged in the view down my top. My fingers dropped from where I held his nape. The urge to redden his cheek with my palm was growing. But I restrained, still fearful of the towering male. My hands rose up to shove him away, but he caught hold of my wrists.

“Now, now.” He huskily spoke.”

Here the situation is deteriorating far too quickly!

However, it is fascinating to see the clichés appear one by one, in this fic which was probably the first of its kind and the origin of the invasion of the Hopes.

Pay attention to it: the party where everyone is “intoxicated”, the shy and saintly protagonist who nevertheless goes to this party, the normal guy to ignore, Harry with a steely gaze, his dark past, the arrogance, the first harassment, the fear of the protagonist in the face of the strength of the bad boy. What will happen now?

“Harry brought my arms down to my sides in his firm hold. I flinched as he took his time to run a warm touch down my back. His long fingers wriggled into the back pocket of my jeans and I soon realised he was searching for my phone. His hand lingered and it became clear that wasn’t his only objective. My backside was tightly squeezed before the item of interest was taken from my jeans. The strained whimper that escaped my parted lips caused his to quirk up in a grin.”

To put it simply: he steals her cell phone and takes advantage of it to grope her ass.

Eh, but then he will regret it, so everything is fine, remember that.

Actually, no, I’ll give you a little spoiler: in this fic Harry will never apologize for his behavior in the first chapters, but he will be forgiven anyway.

Coming back to the story, Bo doesn’t react, thus giving Harry time to write his number on her cell phone, so he can text himself and get her number. Perfect, we have already arrived at the planning of the future stalking.

Anyway, a brilliant plan indeed: do you know there is a way to block unwanted numbers, Harry? Or maybe Bo could change the sim card, just to be on the safe side.

“He now had my number. What on Earth was going on? I had been separated from my friends for no more than five minutes and I was now in the presence of a guy who evidently only had one thing on his mind.”

Indeed, the problem is that he only has one thing on his mind, not so much his oppressive and bossy attitude: you know everything, Bo.

And what the hell, maybe even the hazel-eyed guy wanted to hit on you just because you turned him on, but there are ways to do it without forcing and terrorizing, and then there are the abuser’s attitudes.

“”Stop.” I weakly pleaded. […]

“I don’t think so, Baby. We’re gunna have some fun.”

I shivered at his words.

This stuff is not romantic, really not at all: I am sincerely feeling anguished for Bo.

Here, however, something really unpredictable happens: the female protagonist reacts!

“Harry frightened me, but this time my fear caused me to lash out. He withdrew slightly before my hand made contact with his face. It was clearly unexpected from the expression of anger commandeering his tight features. His left cheek was branded with a pink tinge before aggressively gripping hold of my forearms.

“I can tell you’re going to be a challenge.” He almost growled. “I like that.” He smirked.

Bo, you don’t have to go face him alone: please get help! You must have friends, a family, someone who can help you out!

This for me is the beginning of a stalking and violence story, and, if that were so, it wouldn’t even be badly written for now.

“He dipped his head, nudging mine to the side before I felt his lips press to the skin of my neck. The ends of his curly hair tickled at my cheek. […] I instantly placed my free hand on his chest in protest, attempting to push him away as I felt him harshly suck.

“Harry.” I begged.”

If you’re wondering what’s going on, in essence, Harry is force-sucking her on the neck. Everything is described in great detail, making the scene more and more disturbing, and giving vampire traits  to the character of Harry Styles.

After suckling enough, the bad boy walks away.

“”You’re mine now.” He spoke in a hushed tone.

His lustful gaze burned up and down my body before he turned and confidently strolled away. I stood stunned for a short time, unable to process what had actually happened.

“Shit.” I cursed.”

Long live the harassment! What a joy!

Besides, what the hell does it mean that she’s now his?! What is he, is he really a vampire?

Making his way “through warm bodies” (cliché # 314), Bo reunites with his group of friends. Luckily, they are there: Bo, tell them everything, get help!

One of the generic female friends asks her what happened, then the others notice the hickey mark on her neck.

“I instantly regretted my movements as I stupidly touched the painful spot on my neck again. My touch remained but my fearful eyes were locked on a spot across the room. My friends’ heads curiously turned to see what I was intently fixed on, or rather who. Harry stared back, a smirk playing on his full lips. We witnessed him call goodbye to the guys he was conversing with before he made a beeline for the exit. But that wasn’t before he held my focus hostage. The wink I received from Harry rendered me speechless as I watched him disappear.

I spun back to my friends. Charlotte’s mouth parted to comment on the event but quickly shut it, unable to form a coherent sentence. Lucy eventually broke the silence.

“Holy shit.””

What have I just read? What the hell is going on?

Ah, no, that’s so silly of me: obviously all the tension only has the purpose to make us understand how bad and feared Harry is, of course!

Bo tells her gal pals what happened (without receiving any concrete help), then returns home in a taxi, pays the fare, enters the house, goes up to her room, undresses, combs her hair, puts on her pajamas and goes to brush her teeth.

And now you will ask yourselves: Evgenij, why are you telling us all these useless details?

That’s simple, it’s because the fic does it, and I certainly don’t want to make you lose them.

As the protagonist brushes her teeth, she again notices the hickey Harry gave her.

“He’d marked me. I shuddered at the thought, trying to shake of the feeling of his lips on my skin and how his tongue soothed over the bite. His words “Your mine now” echoed through my mind.”

Aside from the fact that it should be “you’re mine now”, I do not know about you, but I really feel pity for her: she is sincerely frightened by what happened to her. And it would be good that this story imparts to us this feeling, since harassments are denounced for what they are even through the literature.

However, we know that there is nothing to fool ourselves about: we are reading “Dark”, and this fic will certainly end with the protagonist and Harry happily together.

Bo gets under the covers, but she hears a text message has arrived on her cell phone

“From: Harry

“You know, you should probably close your curtains before stripping off. Thanks for the show, Love. H x”

No, no, no! No!

“I jolted up out of bed and over to the window. I peered out, my eyes landing on a large black vehicle on the opposite side of the road. Fear struck through me. Harry was leant against the car, arms folded across his strong chest. Even in the dark I could tell he had an arrogant smirk plastered across his face. […] Before I knew it the car had accelerated down the road and out of sight.

“What have I got myself into.”

We are only in the second chapter, and Harry is already a molester and a stalker who spies on his victim at night.

Sure, one may wonder how our bad boy found Bo’s house, but I guess you’ve lost all hope of getting any explanations from this kind of fic by now.

Let’s say that he may have lurked in the car outside the club, saw Bo get into the taxi and followed her to her house: not disturbing at all, really.

In any case, dear Bo, it’s not you who got yourself into this bad situation, it’s that maniac who is persecuting you: on the other hand, her reaction is natural, since victims often blame themselves for what happens to them. I am sincerely distressed for her, really.

We hope you can ask her parents for help, at least.

The next morning, her mother calls her for breakfast and Bo comes down to her, after covering her neck with her hair to hide Harry’s hickey.

What? Why is she doing this?

I understand that perhaps she does not want to worry her mother, or that, in fact, she is ashamed of it since she feels herself guilty, but I would like to emphasize that this behavior, although likely, is definitely wrong. Always try to get help when you feel in danger.

“”Mornin’ M… “

I stopped dead in my tracks at the sight of a mop of dark brown curls, sat up at the counter. This couldn’t be happening. With my Mum’s back to him, Harry was free to trail his green eyes up and down my body. I felt self-conscious, his gaze then falling on my face. 

“Oh Bo, this lovely boy was stood outside so I invited him in.””

Please, excuse me, I feel the need to bang my head against the desk.

I cannot believe this…

This is one of the laziest and most idiotic narrative devices I’ve ever read: and I’ve read high-level crap, trust me!

This mother is really too naive. I would like to say stupid, but better not to judge too quickly: maybe now her daughter will explain the situation to her, and she will act differently.

In fact, Bo, after saying hi to Harry (why? She could pretend not to know him!), takes her mother aside.

“”Mum, can I speak to you for a second?” I asked through gritted teeth.

[…] Once I was sure he wouldn’t be able to hear I started to talk.

“Why did you invite him in?” I whispered angrily.

“He said he was a friend of yours, he’s very sweet.” She gushed.

“Mum, he could have been a murderer.” I scolded.

“Of course he’s not, Harry’s adorable.”

I rolled my eyes at my mother. I felt sure he had used this “charm” on her. My fingers rubbed against my temples trying to get my head round the situation. I didn’t know who I was angrier at, Harry for turning up uninvited or my Mum for letting him in.”

Lady R:- Because the Bad Boy is so hot that he turns on also the MILFs.-

Ladies and gentlemen, now we can say with certainty: this is one of the dumbest mothers in the world of silly fanfictions!

Seriously, how stupid is this woman?!

In any case, we all know that the bad boy did not use his elusive charm on Bo’s mother, but rather his Sith powers, which work perfectly on feeble minds.

It must be said that also Bo does not behave in a particularly smart way: after that exchange with her mother reported above, she gives up and goes back to the kitchen with the mother. Why doesn’t she tell her what Harry did? Why?!

Okay, it could be because of the shame that victims of sexual harassment feel. Not to mention the fear caused by the fact that Harry, Bo’s abuser, is in her house. If the scene had been written to have this meaning, I would not have had much to say about it. Sure, the mother character would have remained idiotic, but there are a lot of stupid people in the real world.

Too bad that Bo’s maximum reaction is to be angry with her mother and Harry: but isn’t she scared then? And, if she feels anger, shouldn’t she have more strength to react, and therefore not abandon the discussion immediately?

Anyway, the two go back to the kitchen, Bo sits next to Harry (why?!), and off to harassment!

“A gasp fell from my lips as Harry’s warm hand ran up my thigh. I smacked it away, only for him to laugh quietly. I had a horrible feeling he enjoyed it when I fought back. My Mum was turned away from us as she concentrated on not burning the mixture in the pan.”

Harry must have learned from Weinstein directly!

And anyway, I don’t know about you, but my disgust towards Harry’s character has already reached critical levels. What is beautiful, romantic or fascinating about a lousy man who enjoys molesting a woman?!

Either way, Harry says he came to invite Bo out to dinner the next day, while she can’t stand his gaze, as he’s clearly using his Sith powers. While the bad boy continues to touch the protagonist’s legs under the table, the mother replies in place of her daughter by saying that “she ‘d love that”.

“His eyes flicked over my Mum, who looked a little upset that I hadn’t said yes straight away. I wasn’t really that popular with boys and I could tell how happy she was that Harry had turned up on our doorstep. To her this was a dream come true, having an attractive guy ask her daughter out. For me, this was my worst nightmare. Not only had he given me a horrendous love bite, against my will, but he had also seen me in my underwear, all in the space of a couple of hours. And more to the point he scared the crap out of me. Before I knew what was happening, my Mum and Harry had arranged a time for him to pick me up the next evening. My mouth hung open as Harry smirked at me.”

I have no words to comment on this scene…

I need a wonderful piece of music by Shostakovich to recover from such painful nonsense and normalization of abuse.

Now I feel a little better, but I still cannot believe what I just read: the mother is literally forcing the daughter to go out for dinner with a complete stranger for whom the latter seems to be afraid! Do I really have to explain to you how crazy this is?

However, it is worth noticing the excellent narrative style, with a nice summary of what has happened so far, in the case the readers have lost their memory by drooling behind Harry Styles.

Not satisfied enough by all of this, Bo’s mother, whose name we discover only now to be Heather Ellis, orders her daughter to walk Harry to the door. And she obeys: once discarded the stupidity (of Bo and the fic), the only explanation I can find is that the protagonist is in a state of deep terror and she can no longer even resist. This stuff is pretty distressing.

And now, after the kitchen door has closed behind the two of them, what will happen, dear readers? Did you by any chance mention more harassment?

Well done! You won!

And your reward will consist in reading this new harassment scene!

“The kitchen door swung closed, I was alone in the hallway with Harry. He didn’t waste any time pushing me up against the wall. My eyes squeezed closed in a wince. His body pressed into mine, holding me in place. Both my wrists were trapped in one of his large hands. I saw him smirk as I tried my best to increase the distance between us, but he was too strong. His tall figure towering over me.

“Don’t.” I begged.

Harry ignored my protest, his fingers softly brushing over my cheek. My long hair was pushed away from my shoulder as he stared at the bruise he had inflicted on my skin, his mouth curling up into a smile.

“Looks good on you.” He whispered into my ear.

I flinched as he pressed his lips to the mark on my neck. He was careful not to press too hard. I relaxed a little when he pulled away, hoping that would be the end of the torture and he would leave. But unfortunately that didn’t happen. […]

“You smell good.” He breathily spoke.

He painfully, pinned my wrists to the wall before slowly grinding his hips into mine. I whimpered at the rough contact as Harry let out a throaty groan. My head fell forward onto his shoulder, I felt like my legs would give way any second. […] Before I knew it, Harry had released me. […]

“See you tomorrow night, Bo.”

He winked at me and then he was gone. My head was spinning as I slumped down the wall to sit on the floor.”

I don’t know about you, but, in my opinion, the garbage collectors are going to find Bo’s corpse torn to pieces in the plastic bin: what do you think, that a shit man like bad Harry does the recycling correctly?

Seriously, this is a disgusting sequence of sexual harassment! It is not romantic, it is not sensual, it is not erotic!

When Harry finally leaves, Bo collapses to the ground with her head spinning: I feel bad for her!

And yet, I want to point out to you readers (although perhaps the most observant will have already noticed) that it is stressed out the fact that Harry, while kissing Bo on the neck against her will, is “careful not to press too hard”.

Well, but this changes everything!

Don’t you see how tender and kind he is? He worries that she doesn’t suffer too much, just the right degree of physical and psychological torture, in order to be able to manipulate her and make her his personal doll.

By the way, this is already the prelude to Harry’s redemption: I feel like throwing up.

Let’s go on. In the next chapter (the third, it’s only the third…), Bo confides in her useless and generic friends, Lucy, Zoe and Charlotte. And the scene is chilling again: the protagonist literally says that she can’t do anything because Harry “knows where [she] live[s]”.

And if by chance any of you had forgotten what happened so far, do not worry: here it is another summary for you!

“”Bo is being stalked by an extremely attractive but scary guy, who followed her home, saw her in her underwear then turned up in her kitchen the next morning and he’s now like best friends with her Mum.” Lucy’s words poured from her mouth.”

However, let us be honest: here they openly say that Harry is a stalker. Will any complaint and / or action to protect Bo’s safety follow?

Ahahahaha, of course not!

Zoe asks Bo if she can’t just refuse to go out, and our female protagonist replies:

““But he knows where I live now, and my Mum thinks he’s the best thing ever. You should have heard her yesterday, she was so happy. And besides, we all know about his reputation, I don’t want anyone I care about to get hurt.”.”

What?! Who is this Harry? A gangster boss?! A serial killer?!

And if he has such a scary reputation, how is it that Bo’s mother doesn’t know anything about it?

Ah, I am such a fool, I should have gotten there sooner: it’s because adults are stupid and don’t understand anything about teen problems. Of course, what a beautiful message!

fanwriter91: – Or it’s just one of the many plot holes of this story.-

Bo is desperate at the thought that Harry will harass her again, and the best her friends can do is tell her “it’s going to be alright”.

These ladies are the archetype of the shitty friends that never help the female protagonists whenever they are victims of harassment and violence, it’s clear. Of course, they do not behave as bad as other so-called friends of the female main character that we saw in other Italian fanfiction from the One Direction fandom, but it makes sense: those were the subsequent degenerations of the evil that “Dark” brought on EFP, the Italian website of fanfiction, and to the Italian part of Wattpad as well.

A few hours later, the protagonist wastes time on Tumblr while waiting for Harry to arrive. Yes, dear female readers, she is using Tumblr just like you, empathize with her and hope to meet a tall, dark and violent stranger just like she did!

Bo’s mother enters the room, and urges her to prepare for the sexual harass… I mean, for the gallant date.

“”Why aren’t you dressed? Harry’s going to be here soon.”

I felt like rolling my eyes, if only she knew what he was really like.”

But why don’t you tell her, Bo? Why?!

fanwriter91: – If she’s so scared, shouldn’t she scream and cry, and then tell her mom what kind of person Harry is? This behaviour does not seem to be fear (which should push to flee or run away), it is not anger (which would manifest itself with screams and crying), it looks like depression. Yes, this is the most likely hypothesis: Bo has been so psychologically destroyed by Harry’s harassment, her mother’s stupidity and her friends’ indifference that she falls into a depressive state, which makes her extremely passive and succubus, since she feels defeated and unable to go back. And this is even more disturbing. –

Before Bo can start dressing, she receives an SMS text from Harry.

“I’m taking you out for dinner. Wear something sexy. H x”

Bo, please, do not get out! Make up some excuse, tell him that you’ve got a headache, pretend you have the flu, shoot yourself in one of your feet, do something!

No, instead she dresses up in a “pretty” way. And then she gets another SMS text, this time from her so-called friends.

“Be careful, the girls and I are thinking of you. Xx

A small smile spread across my face knowing that they were there for me.”

What?! Are you serious?! In which way would they be “there for you”?!

fanwriter91:- Bloody Beerus, what kind of shitty friends are they ?! Warn your families, the police, her mother, do something, what the heck! A courageous thing to do would be to accompany her, I do not say intelligent, but courageous yes! No, they are thinking of her. Come on, this is all so stupid! This story is pissing me off and I ran out of lemon! –

Evgenij (worried):- Please, calm down, take some of my chamomile!-

Since I am kind, I will sum up a few useless paragraphs: Bo finishes preparing himself in the grip of anxiety, while comparing the date with waiting for an exam or an injection during a medical examination, and thinking “The sooner this is over, the better“.

Then, Harry makes his entrance, with his deadly dimples.

Initially Harry behaves better than usual both while accompanying the girl to his “intimidating black vehicle” (because it’s a real bad boy car!) and during the trip. Bo is still scared and anxious, as it is natural, since she fears that more harassment is coming. We learn that Harry is twenty years old, and other useless information about his clothing. The two get out of the car near the port and walk along the seafront towards the restaurant. If I hadn’t read the two previous chapters, from these paragraphs this fanfiction would seem like a harmless romantic story, perhaps just a little boring due to the style of writing.

However, Harry brings us immediately back to reality, when he notices the hickey with which he marked Bo.

“”Mmm, maybe I should give you another one, just to make sure everyone knows you’re mine.” His raspy voice whispered.


I began to back away but he caught my wrist before tugging me into him.

“Maybe later.” He smiled.

Psychological torture is so nice, isn’t they?

The couple enters the restaurant and goes to sit at a table half hidden in a corner (chosen by Harry). She sneaks up on her cell phone to read another useless text from her friends, but he catches her. However, he pretends nothing has happened and asks her what she wants to eat, and, to her reply that she has no appetite, he replies annoyed that he will decide for her.

Even the waitress seems to be afraid of Mr. Styles, and it looks like she understands Bo’s situation.

“I could tell she [the waitress] felt on edge around him. She gave me a sympathetic look, almost as if she knew I was here against my will.”

Then do something, Bo, I beg you! Ask her to help you!

Instead, the waitress leaves them alone again and Harry asks an unbelievable question: “Do I frighten you?”

Nooo, how could such doubt come to your mind? You are harassing and stalking her from the very first moment that you saw her, it’s not such a big deal!

Anyway, Bo would not make him understand that she is actually afraid, but he realizes it by himself: wow, what an insight. And the information seems to make him enjoy: wow, what a worm.

The waitress interrupts them by bringing the water, then she leaves, and let’s continue with other awful questions.

“”Has anyone ever touched you before?”

“W-what?” I replied in confusion.

He didn’t say anything, but I gasped upon feeling his hand on my knee under the square table.”

My bad, I meant, let’s continue with other harassment!

Harry laughs at her frightened reaction, and approaches her to feel her inner thigh, up to her groin, all while she is terrified: he is such a piece of shit!

Bo then jumps to her feet and walks away saying that she has to go to the bathroom. She’s so out of her mind with her terror that she even drops her bag and just wants to escape, but she hears Harry laughing and telling her not to take too long.

From one to Jack the Ripper how creepy is he in this scene?

Ah, no, Harry Styles is so hot, hence everything is fine.

In the bathroom, Bo is about to pass out on the sink: someone go and save her, please!

Then she realizes she has left her cell phone in the bag, and panics completely.

“I had left it in my bag, at the table, with Harry. My heart sunk at the realisation that I had no one to contact. I shook my head, my hair swaying from side to side.

“I can’t do this.” I spoke to myself.

I glanced up at my reflection in the mirror again; I don’t think I had ever been more scared.”

I know I may sound repetitive, but this part of the story really gives me great anguish. How do you think this is romantic? I only see a terrified girl who wants to escape from a man who harasses her: this just makes me sick and angry!

At this point, Bo decides to escape from the window: it would be better if you tried to get help from the waitress or the other patrons, Bo, but it doesn’t matter, it’s still a good choice, run away!

fanwriter91:- Here, this is an excellent example of true fear: she ran away forgetting her mobile phone, she didn’t think about calling for help and her only impulse was “run away, run away, run away!” –

However, the same waitress from before comes into the bathroom to tell Bo that she has been sent by Harry “to check on” her. She realizes that Bo is in that restaurant against her will, and that she is afraid of the boy she came with: she therefore decides to help her escape. Good waitress, then also call the police to stop that psychopathic stalker: you will call the police, right? Right?

Harry, however, understands the deception, also because our waitress doesn’t give him a plausible excuse, such as “she told me she needs a few more minutes because she has to shit” (it can happen because of fear), but she tells him only that Bo wasn’t in the bathroom.

Nameless waitress, I praised you before, and now you make such a mistake? Come on, Harry is not an idiot, he saw Bo entering the toilet.

Anyway, Harry gets upset and enters himself in the female bathroom, right in time to see Bo jumping out of the window.

“Harry’s dark eyes locked with mine. His angry gaze quickly changed into grin and I realised this was fun for him. A chase.”

Who are you, Ramsay Bolton?

No, actually this guy is much creepier and scarier than the Ramsay from GoT, and even from the books of ASoIaF!

Bo flees in despair, with Harry immediately after her, and soon finds herself in a dead end.

“He smirked at me as he strolled closer, knowing I had nowhere left to run. I took a few steps back only to hit the railing. Both of our breathing was forced out in heavy puffs.

“Where’d you think you’re going, Love?”

Raise your hand if you expect Styles to pull out a switchblade now and cut her throat. Seriously, she wants to escape and he corners her like prey!

In short, she clings to the railing, but it falls apart (it must have been made of papier mache), and so Bo falls into the water. However, she feels a feeling of relief, as she thinks she has escaped Harry: tell me how desperate a person must be to be happy to fall into the filthy water of the harbor, in order to escape from someone!

In any case, it’s all in vain: Harry dives and grabs her, bringing her to the surface. Then he delights us with one of the best lines in his repertoire.

“Harry grinned at me, revealing his dimples before he spoke.

“Well, this is the quickest I’ve got a girl wet on a first date.”

Where are the killer sharks, when you need them?

Lady R:- He unsheathed his dimples, now there’s no escape.-

Harry helps her out of the water, and she thinks that she trusts him since he didn’t let her drown, literally. Bo, what the hell have you got in your brain, pine cones?! It is his fault if you are in the water, if you were so afraid, if you ran away!

fanwriter91:- Here is cliché number 666: the bad boy saves the female main character from the troubles in which he himself put her, and from here she develops trust in him. Speaking of this specific kind of trouble, how did Harry manage to float in soaked clothes? They should both have drowned.-

In some way that I don’t want to describe, the two end up lying on the ground with her on top, and it’s time again for another shitty joke, or actually two!

“”Hmmm, I always like a girl on top.”

I let out a disgusted noise as he winked at me. Before I knew it Harry had caught hold of my hands from his chest and rolled me under him, pinning my wrists down.

“But I prefer to have them under me.”

And, as you might have expected, this is the occasion for new harassment!

“I jumped as a pair of wet lips pressed to mine. […] He continued to move his mouth against my lips, attempting to get a response out of me. But I couldn’t, I just lay there frozen.

“Bo.” Harry encouraged quietly.

He tugged at my bottom lip with his teeth before releasing it and pressing his forehead against mine. My breathing came out in short puffs. We stayed like that for a little while longer until Harry pushed himself up. His body loomed over me as he deeply chuckled. What had just happened?

I’ll tell you what happened, Bo: Harry tried to kiss you, against your will, holding you still with the weight of his body, and without paying attention to your state of terror and dismay, or rather taking advantage of it. Romantic, isn’t it?

Then he helps her to get up, and she takes the opportunity to admire his “toned stomach and chest“: of course, coolness erases all fear!

The two go up to the harbor, where Harry makes Bo wear his jacket and she thanks him: I’m a little tired of repeating that the whole situation is Harry’s only fault and that she shouldn’t thank him for anything.

At the restaurant, unfortunately, the police are not waiting for them. In fact, no one deigns to ask questions and intervene: the owner only cares that Harry pays the bill. This is quite realistic, sadly, but it is no less disgusting.

And the waitress, whom Bo also thanks? She didn’t do anything concrete to help!

The two return to her house, and on the door we have the last harassment of the evening.

“Harry forced me up against the door, pressing his lips firmly to mine. One hand held my hips to him, the other caught hold of the back of my neck.

I didn’t have much left in me to fight him off but I weakly pushed my hands to his chest anyway. The “kiss” did not last long. Harry pulled away, his green eyes looking down at me as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

“Oh come on, it’s wasn’t that bad was it?” He jokingly asked.”

And that’s not all: Bo starts to find Harry cute!

“I wasn’t sure if he meant the kissing or the date, either way made me shiver at the thought. […] he looked almost cute, that was until he opened his mouth. His way with words made my skin crawl. […] He dipped his head a final time, lightly kissing me on the lips before I watched him walk away back to his car.

Well, this was a date I would certainly remember.”

Of course: after having been stalked, harassed, chased and terrified to the point of falling into the sea just to escape him, now she thinks he’s cute! No, it’s not Stockholm Syndrome, it’s just her that is stupid and / or the story is a grotesque absurdity.

Ah, in all of this, neither of them will catch a cold, despite them swimming in the moonlight with their clothes on.

Anyway, this “date” was not “that bad”: it was a disgusting series of harassment, something that I would not wish on any human being.

Back home, Bo avoids her mother, and even the next day she is very elusive about the date.

Apart from the fact that I don’t know how the mother doesn’t suspect something, since the clothes wet from the water of the haven must have smelled a lot, I already know that many of you are starting to tear your hair and scream “why doesn’t Bo say anything ?!”. Well, for once, it is the text of the fanfiction that provides us with an almost reasonable explanation.

“I’m not sure she would understand seen as she had a perfect image of Harry in her head.”

That is, Bo’s mother is a complete idiot and wouldn’t believe her, since Harry Styles brainwashed her with his Sith powers. Of course, it has to be said that this woman was not confronted with the evidence of Mr. Styles’ abusive behavior, and it would have been nice to see her reactions to an honest account of the evening from her daughter.

Too bad that the fic deprives us of this pleasure, because we have to move on to much more important revelations: Bo works in a CD shop!

I know, like you, I am overwhelmed by so much adrenaline.

And her colleague is called Poppy: do all female characters have unusual names in this fanfiction?

Lady R:- No, Poppy like the singer? No, it cannot be. I do not accept it. I don’t…-

By the way, shouldn’t the main character go to school sometimes, given that she is seventeen years old? Is it summer, by chance? All right, I must not ask any question.

Now, do you remember the scene from Fifty Shades of Greyscale, where Mr. Grey goes to stalk Miss Steel in the ironmongery where she works?

Well, it happens here too!

Now, this fic was written in 2012, while the first horror of E. L. James is from 2011: who has ears to hear shall understand.

In any case, if in that pile of wasted paper Anal Steel wasn’t scared of finding herself in the shop with Christian Grey (although his was actually a stalker behavior), here Bo is terrified that Harry has found out where she works!

“My immediate reaction was to hide. I dropped to my hands and knees, crawling along the aisle desperately trying to reach the back room without being noticed. How did he even know I worked here?”

She is trying to run out from the room on the back in order not to meet him!

Romantic, right? Right? RIGHT?!?

Where is my chamomile with vodka?

Ah, and if you, sweet summer children, were also wondering how Harry managed to discover the protagonist’s workplace, fear not: it will never be explained.

Unfortunately, Bo is unable to escape because a certain Steve calls her by her name, revealing her location, and allowing Harry to block her way. A not at all disturbing scene follows, with her noticing his shoes before her, and slowly staring him up to the fearsome dimples, culminating in the following lines from Styles: “Hello, Beautiful.

Hello, psycho monster and molester! When do you go away?

Harry puts his hands on her again under the pretext of helping her up, and then there are new psychological tortures.

“”Why didn’t you text me back?” […]

“You asked me what I was wearing.” I replied, disgusted.

“And I didn’t get a reply, so I assumed you were naked.” He chuckled.”

Author, popularizers and readers of this abomination, tell me honestly: would you be happy if a stranger, who has repeatedly harassed you, forced you to go to dinner with him, chased you in the night and everything else that has happened to Bo so far, wrote to you to ask what you are wearing? Ah, you say that, if he was hot, it would be all right?

So, an amendment to the penal code is needed.

“Footnote: All the laws contained here should not apply to male individuals who are deemed too hot to be really evil. Ugly people can also be sentenced to death for stealing an apple.”

Ryuk: – What?! –

Misa: – Such wisdom! –

Harry at this point forcefully kisses Bo, who tries in vain to push him away, unable to do anything against his great strength. Now, this scene infuriates me, but I can’t help but laugh at the thought of how Harry is described as the Hulk: who, this little guy here?

Fortunately, Steve arrives to break the kiss. I don’t know who he is, but maybe I was wrong: the good guy in this fic wasn’t the Nutella-eyed boy from the first chapter, but this Steve! Save the protagonist, please! I know you have no hope, but it is the fate of all the good guys in the ugly fanfictions.

However, it is not explained to us, but it seems that this Steve pal is a friend of Bo who works in her own shop. If any of you are noticing similarities between this character and a certain Josè of the Fifty Shades of Horror, it will be just a coincidence.

Our good guy tries to help the protagonist out of her situation with an excuse, but Harry doesn’t let go of her and imposes her to go out with him again.

But he did the math without the good guy!

“”I think you better leave.” Steve spoke directly to him.”

Oh, good!

Harry snorts like an ape in heat (I apologize to the apes for the improper comparison), and Steve manages to free Bo from his grasp, all while the two boys give each other deadly looks.

Harry leaves, not before telling Bo they would see each other later, and the protagonist thanks Steve. You got it right: the female main character thanks this guy who is really helping her against the bad boy! Joy and jubilation!

There is a time skip and it’s time for lunch: Steve goes to eat. Soon after, he comes back into the shop bleeding from the nose.

What on Earth might have ever happened?

Either way, Steve plays it down by saying he fell. Why?!?

Steve, why don’t you say it was Harry?!? Why don’t you call the police, or at least someone to help you?! Didn’t you understand that this violent thug is stalking Bo?!

Why are you acting like Bo too, Steve?!

You were the chosen one, you had to show that there was a way to have healthy and loving relationships, not allow Harry to conquer the main character!

fanwriter91: -However, his behavior can be understandable: Harry immediately went the hard way, he may have threatened Steve and maybe even his family. In summary, it is the classic act of intimidation of the mafia type.-

There is another time skip, and it is already closing time. Bo leaves, and in the parking lot next to the store she notices Styles’ car: she doesn’t even have the time to realize it, that Harry is already behind her. He must be a Sith for real!

However, let me laugh a little as I read for the umpteenth time how the figure of Harry is “tall“. Come on, I’m taller.

In any case, there is little to laugh about: Bo finds the face of his harasser and stalker “enchanting“. I feel nauseated.

“”Need a lift?” He enquired.


“Come on.”

He grasped my smaller hand in his before tugging me over to his car. I didn’t have time to protest.”

While this lousy individual is forcing her to go with him, the protagonist notices some signs on the knuckles of his hand.

“He’d hit Steve, I knew it.”

No shit! You are really a genius, Bo!

Fanwriter91:- So, by punching Steve in the nose (very delicate part), Harry got hurt himself? Wow, what strength! Steve must have held up to the last! –

However, in case it is not clear, Harry is forcing the protagonist to get into his car: did we already arrive at the kidnapping moment?

Anyway, I just can’t understand how anyone can feel attraction towards this violent monster that beats those who try to defend a poor girl he has decided to persecute, but I must be stupid.

With “trembling breath“, the main character escapes into the parking lot, but Harry “longer legs” immediately reaches her and grabs her wrist with his hand: are we describing Mr. Styles or Eren in titan form?

In any case, Bo shouts: miracle! Too bad no one is there to hear her.

So, Harry carries her it on his shoulder, as if he was the worst subspecies of caveman that has never evolved: homo sexistus, coming soon on Re-Educational Channel!

She punches him in the back, but it doesn’t do any good, then yells to put her down, and the harasser only obeys when they’re close to his Range Rover.

Stop there: how can he afford such a car?

We do not know which model it is, but a Range Rover is a very expensive car, the current average prices range between $ 70,000 and $ 90,000. If you buy it secondhand, the price can lower to $ 40,000, and if you take an old-fashioned vehicle you can do it with $ 15,000.

In America, since 2009, the minimum wage is $ 7.25 an hour, so let’s just pretend Harry earns $ 10 an hour, to be optimistic. Considering eight-hour working days, five days a week, they make $ 1,600 a month. It would have taken him about four years to buy a cheap Range Rover, and we’re not even accounting for the cost of the apartment and food.

Okay, later it turns out that Harry is a non-professional boxer, that is, he trains, usually doesn’t fight. We will tell you the reason later, otherwise you will waste too much time laughing now.

Maybe with that job can he earn more? However, given the tragggic family situation connected to the bad boy’s tragggic past, he shouldn’t be swimming in dollars…

Obviously, such realistic considerations are totally out of place in this context, so let’s get back to the fic.

At this point, Bo accuses him of beating up poor Steve, and he indifferently admits it, explaining that “he got in [his di lui] way“. Apparently, this explanation is enough to silence Bo.

“I didn’t say anything in reply. What could I say?”

Now, I can think of a lot of nice things to say to this animal, but I understand that Bo is too terrified: all this only makes me angrier, since there are only a few chapters left before Styles’ redemption.

He orders her to get in the car, and she obeys: again, she could have escaped, but I understand that she is too terrified by now to even make the slightest attempt. No one breathes in the car, apart from the angry animal that says something that sounds like “Tomorrow night I’ll pick you up at nine, woman, uga-uga!”. They arrive at her house, Harry opens the door for her, kisses her on her cheek, tickling her with curls (ach…) and leaves.

New time skip, and now it is the subsequent day.

Bo is talking on the phone with one of her generic friends, who is telling her not to go out with Harry, especially after learning about what he did to poor Steve. A person who has a brain, hooray!

“”It’s not that I want to, but you should have seen what he did to Steve’s face.”

“All the more reason not to go.” Lucy replied.

I jumped slightly as there was a knock on my door.

“Sorry Luc, I have to go.”

Bo, you’re a moron, and you’re surrounded by morons.

Why didn’t you tell your mother what Harry did? Why aren’t you really getting help from your friends? Why don’t your friends really help you? Why didn’t Steve report Harry? Why didn’t he at least contact Bo’s mother to warn her? Why am I reading this crap and ruining my liver?!

Perhaps, however, in this context a reasonable explanation is simple: they are all too afraid of what Harry might do, considering that he has a bad reputation. If you have no problem attempting a kidnapping (because carrying someone on your shoulder against their will is a kidnapping attempt) and smashing poor Steve’s nose in daylight, in areas that could be crowded, what could he do at night? What would stop him from stalking Bo’s friends too, or worse?

This reasoning, however, only makes it all the more disturbing!

Going back to the fanfiction, Bo thought it was her mother knocking, and instead it’s our favorite molester who swoops into her room, since her mother kindly let him into her house.

It is pointless to comment again on the mental level of her mother, so let us move on.

In the slimy way he’s got us used to, our Harry invites Bo to get in “something a little sexier”, and there’s no shortage of jokes like “You can change in here, I don’t mind.

Ach, how disgusting!

The protagonist opts for jeans and a top, because a dress would not be recommended, with Harry’s “wandering hands” nearby. I am reaching the limit of human endurance…

In short, she goes to lock herself in the bathroom to change, then she returns to the room, where she finds Harry who… R’hllor help us, he is turning the girl’s lace panties in his hands!

After yet another harassment of her, he drags her out of the room.

Now, I warn you: we are close to the point in which Harry starts to be seen in a positive light.

Already from the beginning of chapter eight there are the first signs.

“It was weird, as much as Harry frightened me, I felt safe with him. It may have been the fact that I knew no one would choose to pick a fight with him.”

Fanwriter91:- Translating:

“It was strange, but as frightening as having a hungry lion in front of me might be, I felt safe in his company. Maybe because I knew that no hyena would dare to fight with him.”-

This is a disgusting hint of what will happen soon, possibly before the end of the chapter. How many of you are expecting an attempted rape of Bo by a secondary character, with a subsequent rescue by Harry? Well done, you won a vomit bag!

Before proceeding, however, I want to make you observe the ferocious sexism of this reasoning: it means “the world is violent, therefore the woman, who is weak and defenseless, must find herself a sufficiently violent protector”.

Did you see that the bags are useful?

The sickest couple of the year heads to Harry’s car, complete with fluffy and idiotic dialogue, where she asks if Harry purposely scares all the girls, he replies that the others are more willing than Bo (instead she is Saint and Pure!), and then orders her to come and sleep with him, taking as an excuse the absence of Bo’s mother that night.

Madam, we understand that you want to make them copulate at all costs, but why?!? If you like Styles so much, take it yourself!

The protagonist tries to refuse, and for the moment Harry doesn’t insist. Here we are at the club, with all the stereotypes of the genre, from the “sweaty crowd” to the “pounding music”.

Harry introduces Bo to a group of his friends, or presumed friends, and the girl talks a bit with a certain beautiful Hayley, who asks her what she thinks of Harry (who in the meantime has drifted away).

“”Um, he has a bit of an anger problem.” I admitted.”

Eh, but yes, just a few problems. He smashed the face of Bo’s friend who was trying to protect her from his stalking, but that was nothing. Not to mention all the harassment and psychological torture he inflicted on her by persecuting her since the beginning of the story, but nothing relevant.

Hayley says “He likes you”, as if that is somehow reassuring, and Harry walks off to get a drink.

Ah-ha! The alpha male has drifted away from his female into an environment full of excited beta males, and here comes a generic beta specimen eager to climb the social hierarchy and reproduce!

In fact, one Jake promptly arrives and manages to be alone with Bo after the other so called friends have gone dancing. He asks her if she is Harry’s girlfriend, and she replies negatively.

“I didn’t want to belong to anybody. I urgently tried find Harry in the massive crowd in front of us.”

How to contradict yourself in a single line: congratulations!
By the way, keep in mind that “I didn’t want to belong to anybody”, we are going to need it soon.

However, dear Bo, you are so independent that you need your molester, from whom you cannot free yourself, to come and save you from this new possible threat. Well done, Bo, we’ll elect you Miss Inconsistency!

Long story short, Jake starts to palpate her thigh, whispers “That makes things easier then“, he grabs her by the wrist and drags her into a dimly lit corridor.

I would like to make you notice that Jake’s behaviour is the same damned one of Harry, but the last one is the main character, while the first one is only a background actor.

However, the situation objectively degenerates in an atrocious way: Jake has taken Bo out of the club via the back door, and is preparing to rape her. All topped off with horrid sentences like “Harry was right, you are feisty” and “Don’t make this difficult”.

Bo’s only reaction is to call Harry’s name out loud: why not just scream for help?!

Obviously, the alpha male arrives in time, before his female is fertilized, and puts the beta male back in his place.

“”Just having a bit of fun, mate.” He laughed.

“Not with her.” Harry stepped closer “She’s mine.”

You all heard him: Harry doesn’t want to stop Jake because rape is an ignoble crime and causes unspeakable pain in the victim, no, but only because this particular victim is his personal property. Let Jake go wild with others, but woe betide Styles’ property!

“For the first time since meeting Harry I was glad of his presence.”

And there you have it: Harry is justified by Bo in his bullying, because he can protect her from the harm that others will do to her. All of this is not only absurd, but it is a very bad message: it is not by relying on brute force that one manages to put an end to the vortex of violence, but on the contrary by opposing it.

Harry orders Bo to go back into the club, then proceeds to slaughter Jake. This does not please me in any way: these two guys are both misogynistic, violent and harassing worms.

The girl, however, attends the scene, and she is frightened because her second molester is massacred by the first one: she does not want to see him dead, and this pity of her is understandable and admirable. Hence, what does she do? Does she call the police to report the incident, so that both of them receive the punishment they deserve? Does she ask the other patrons of the place for help? Does she start screaming in panic hoping someone will come?

No, none of that: she begs Harry to quit the bloodshed, and since he doesn’t stop there, she promises to go and spend the night with him. All of this in front of Jake’s mangled body, the tangible proof of Styles’ ferocity.

At these words, Harry leaves his rival half dead on the ground, and returns to the club with her.

“No matter how much Harry frightened me, he had still come to my rescue, even if it did end in him nearly beating someone to death.”

Bo, you have serious problems, your psyche and mental faculties are now compromised: have you heard him or not?! Harry has made it clear that he believes you are his property! He doesn’t give a damn about you as a person, he only defends you because you are his object!

(Thank you, Eurovision 2018, for rewarding this beautiful song! And thanks to Sonja who made me watch it!)

As if this were not enough, the protagonist decides to kiss her trusted stalker against the dirty wall of the dark corridor from just before. And the scene should seem romantic, so much so that an Italian translator at the end of this chapter wrote that this should be Harry and Bo’s “first true kiss”. Yeah, all the other times Harry kissed her against his will have been condoned under this rescue, very convenient indeed!

Now she will go to sleep with him, there will be some consensual soft porn, since she is now totally a victim of Styles’ manipulation, then they will sleep embraced and …

No, no, no. No. I can’t go on like this, as if nothing had happened.

Now I am sure about it: this fanfiction is far worse than all others that I have read, except for “Danger”.

-How can you say that, Evgenij? – you may ask. Here Harry is not a murderer, he never hit nor raped the female main character!

Sure, it’s true. The point is that this fanfiction is written in a decent way (mostly), it is not absurdly over the top, and it seems realistic and harmless, at least on superficial examination. Only a very young fan of the One Direction who lacks critical spirit could defend atrocious fanfictions where Harry beats and rapes the female main character before falling in love with her (such wretched stories did and do exist, trust me, we demolished them in many reviews written in Italian). Instead, this fic presents itself as a “normal” romantic tale and does not seem to contain any apology for violence.

Sure, Harry is a little violent in the beginning, but then he will change and he will become better thanks to her attention and love. Aside from the fact that a second chance should be deserved (and, spoiler, Harry will NEVER apologize for his behavior in these first few chapters), you can see that this is the real message! And it’s the same crap: dear girls, be kind and gentle nurses of violent but cool boys; if you are good enough, you will see that they will change!

It does not matter that here the scenes of violence are not atrocious as in other fic and there are no completely absurd plot pretexts (although the behavior of Bo’s mother touches the limits of dementia), this fic carries on precisely the same aberrant messages. Indeed, it does so better and in a subtle way!

Yes, because the behaviour of this Harry will never reach an extreme level of violence: he will never rape Bo, nor murder someone (like for instance Justin Bieber in “Danger”). Here, on the other hand, it seems that the bad boy behaves badly, but within the limits “allowed”: in short, “boys will be boys”, am I right? Men are like that, there is little to do, but you see how good this Harry is? He defends you from those worse than him, eh, yeah; then he’s so cool, so hot, in short, what’s the point of resisting him?

Do you understand why I hate this fic?

“Dark” is monstrously realistic and plausible: stupid parents like Bo’s mother do exist, as well as overbearing and manipulative men like Harry and women who become victims, given that they receive no outside help and have no means to resist (this obviously it is in no way their fault, let’s repeat it). And what is this fic telling us? That this is okay. That it is natural that the male is a “predator” and does not take into account the will of the woman, that it is fine to have your own trusted stalker, that the fact that he is very violent is not a real problem, since it will serve against worse enemies.

Let’s go back to the fic, there is not much else to do.

So, Harry drags Bo away, leaving Jake’s mangled body on the ground. I know that, although he is an infamous harasser and potential rapist, some of you readers might still worry about his fate: this is completely right, criminals shouldn’t be deprived of medical aid either. In any case, there is nothing to fear: the next time he reappears he will be completely regenerated, thanks to the self-healing powers that bad boys of even smaller rank enjoy.

The protagonist is then brought back into the club, Harry forces her to pick up her bag and jacket quickly, doesn’t even give her time to say bye to Hayley (remember, the generic girl from the previous chapter?) and grabs her hand again to take her with him.

We should probably be irritated by such behavior, but we are told that Harry has “strong forearms“, so we get lost in dreaming about how handsome he is.

Lady R: – Is Harry Popeye, now? –

Bo, however, being an amoeba, loses hold of Harry’s powerful fingers, finds herself alone in the middle of the classic sweaty crowd and someone grabs her hips.

“This just wasn’t my night.“

Typical comment from someone who has just risked being raped, you will agree.

However, Harry-alpha-male immediately comes to incinerate this miserable half-drunk beta male with his eyes, literally growling at him: it’s written in the text, I’m not making things up. Bo tames the ferocious beast before he also kills this other miserable guy, and the two finally leave the pub.

Once outside, after more ridiculous descriptions of how tall and massive Harry is, the two notice a car parked next to Styles’ Range Rover: in the front seat are two of Jake’s friends.

I know that there are many things that may seem unclear to you. For example, where did these people come from? How does Bo recognize them, given that she has never seen them before? And especially, how did these two guys get there so quickly?

Seriously, it won’t be more than ten minutes at most since Harry slaughtered Jake at the back of the club, so do we have to conclude that Jake’s friends found him by accident, helped him get to the hospital, and two of them lined up to wait for Styles, all in less than ten minutes?

Besides, why are these two guys just lurking there doing nothing?

Not that I want to give bullies action tips, but why haven’t they already set out to wreak havoc on Harry’s intimidating black car, in retaliation for the beating?

These and many similar questions are destined to remain unanswered because, as soon as Harry sees these two henchmen from afar, he drags Bo into another side alley and tells her that they will go to his house on foot, since it is not far.

In all of this, the protagonist finds nothing better to do than submit to us another description of the divine traits of her trusted stalker. I’ll save you from it because I’m good, but you have to read the conclusion.

“Harry was one of the most beautiful guys I had ever seen. And yet he was one of the most frightening.”


You see I don’t make up anything: Bo is perfectly aware that Styles’ behavior is monstrous, but it is pointed out that he is handsome, as if that somehow changed the situation.

Before setting off, the protagonist notices the blood on the bad boy’s knuckles, and wonders if it’s hers or Jake’s: no, this is not creepy, not at all.

In fact, it is so little creepy that we immediately get another scene where Harry starts kissing her, while she puts up less and less resistance. I want to emphasize that, if a woman does not actively resist, then she is NOT consenting: this is bullshit like saying that “it was her fault, she had it coming”. Quite often, the victims of harassment are terrified to the point that they can no longer even react.

And here Bo has every reason to be beyond terror: this worm has been harassing her for several days, and has already shown twice that he has no problem with resorting to physical violence.

I mean, he still has his knuckles covered in blood!

In short, Harry leaves her a series of kisses on her jaw, tickles her cheeks with her curls, and, as he begins to kiss her on her lips, reaches out to her groin. At this point, Bo reacts weakly by trying to push him away, and he just starts “brushing his fingers against [her] crotch.”

After another kiss, they finally go to Harry’s house. As they are climbing the stairs, Bo realizes that she will soon be indoors completely alone with him.

“My chest quickly rose up and down, the fear setting in that I was going to be completely alone with Harry. In his flat.”

This is so distressing!

Then she notices a curtain moving on the window of a nearby house, and we can read some sexist stereotypes.

“A nosey neighbour checking to see who it was this time. It made me think about how many girls Harry had brought back to his flat.”

Of course, the problem with this whole situation is that Harry has had a lot of other girls and that the neighbors may think badly of you, Bo! Not that Harry is a harasser, an abuser and a stalker!

fanwriter91: – I’m trying to put myself in those neighbors’ shoes – they might be people so scared of what Harry might do to them (or what he’s already done) that they don’t even dare to speak. And instead of Bo I would not ask how many girls entered … but how many left! –

Furthermore, and I say this with the awareness that I am reiterating something obvious, it is perfectly possible to have many love relationships and be a good person, both for a man and for a woman. Everything is about respecting your partner and never being a bully: if you don’t want to have a stable relationship, or you wish to form an open couple, or whatever, all that matters is that there is no deception against the other one. Of course, the same reasoning also applies to homosexual relationships.

The two enter the house, Harry helps Bo take off her jacket, takes the opportunity to kiss her again on her neck, and she shivers.

Let us be clear, even a feeling of pleasure can make you shiver, but it is from the first chapter that this poor lady repeats to us how much Styles terrifies her: and now I should think that she is shivering because she likes him? Otherwise, how do you find this stuff exciting? All I feel is a morbid uneasiness.

Harry shows off his fearsome dimples again and Bo backs off, stammers something and finally mumbles a “Thank you…Harry”.

Forget it, I don’t want to repeat myself again.

fanwriter91: – However, in a realistic story, this could be a desperate gesture aimed at calming the beast. If you’re dealing with a madman who could kill you in a fit of temper, humoring him increases your chances of survival. –

He replies “I’d do it again”, that is, he would slaughter anyone else who dared to touch her again, and still tickle her with his curls.

This curls thing is a real hit, as is showing off dimples: is that really a winning courtship tactic? In high school I had a lot of bushy curly hair, but the best I got was some girls touching my hair and comparing it to the fleece of a sheep. But I blushed up to my ears all the same.

Harry goes to wash his hands (I remind you that his knuckles are still stained with blood…), and Bo takes the opportunity to quickly describe the apartment, saying she is surprised at its normality: and what did she expect, Bluebeard’s lair?

She then asks Styles if he has roommates and is worried about hearing a negative response.

“My heart sunk a little at his response. I was kind of hoping that there would be someone to help me if anything happened.”

I’m copying all these sentences just to show you that I’m not exaggerating or making up anything: Bo is constantly scared by the thought of being alone with the bad boy. How do you think this is beautiful and romantic?

Harry orders Bo to go to sleep on his bed, she doesn’t want to, he forces her to obey, she still refuses.

“His forehead creased in a frown, dark eyes narrowing at me. Maybe he wasn’t used to people disobeying his demands.”

At this point, the homo sexistus loads the victim on his shoulder as he had done a few chapters earlier in the parking lot and places her on the bed, as if it were a doll.

After very fuzzy descriptions about the fact that Harry seems to see well in the dark (thanks a lot, it’s his room!), and about the fact that his eyes “seemed to sparkle” in the light of the lamp (reminiscent of Twilight?), the caveman imposes on the protagonist of wearing a T-shirt and shorts from his closet. He leaves her alone to change, but as soon as she is done, he goes back to the room to delight us with a slimy comment:

“”Mmm, my clothes look good on you.“”

If these two were a normal couple, this phrase would not bother me at all, but they are not.

In short, it is useless to move around it: the porn moment has finally come!

If it can be of any consolation, it will actually be soft porn, but very strange.

Harry approaches Bo, resumes kissing and groping her, but after he squeezes her tit, she seems to react.

“I had never felt anything like it before, tingles shooting through my body. That was before the haze in my mind cleared. I struggled in Harry’s grip, he deeply laughed as he released me. I stumbled over to the door, gripping the handle and yanking it open.

“Bo.” Harry warned.

He was right behind me. His large hand slammed against the door above my head, swiftly closing it before I could escape. My heart pumped loudly as I turned, my back pressing against the wood. I looked up to find Harry staring down at me. My breathing trembled as he slowly brought his pink lips down to my ear.

“I want to make you feel good.” Harry’s raspy tone whispered.”

Sure, Harry, you really want to make her feel good, that’s why you’ve been persecuting her for ten chapters and imposing everything on her, clearly barely holding back a fit of anger every time you got the slightest objection.

Aside from the usual mention of Styles’ titanic dimensions (“his large hand”, but where ?!), I still have to point out how he enjoys (“he deeply laughed”) in the face of Bo’s vain attempts to escape from him?

Harry sits on the edge of the bed and drags Bo on his knees, then takes off his shirt, and the sight of the pecs seems to make the protagonist’s reticence vanish, who “surprises” herself feeling his chest, until she touches the boxers that come out from jeans.

fanwriter91:- Someone tell the author and readers that the real Harry Styles would be a skinny guy. –

Bo continues to push back and forth between attraction and fear, especially when Styles takes off his belt and undoes the buttons of his jeans.

No, there is no need to run away in disorder: we are not about to see the earthworm of the man-worm.

Only, Harry begins to wank by massaging the pack from above the boxers, while he holds the protagonist with one hand who would like to get away. Such a class! What a discomfort!

Besides, hadn’t he just said he wanted to make her feel good?!

Either way, here’s what happens.

“I had never seen him like this before. Harry seemed almost vulnerable as I watched him press his palm down. It was a vast contrast to seeing him earlier when he violently beat Jake. Now Harry was quietly moaning, enjoying the pleasure washing through his body. Maybe it was because I wanted to feel stronger, create a sense of dominance that Harry always held over me. Whatever the reason, I was curious to find out how it felt to be the one in charge. His eyes shot open when my fingertips trailed down the tensed muscles in his stomach. My hand trembled as I moved to the black fabric revealed by his undone jeans. I gasped as his large hand fell over mine, encouraging me. Harry’s eyes locked on my face as he showed me how to touch him. He grew harder as I gently squeezed, watching in awe as Harry’s hips rocked up to my touch.”

Long story short, Bo starts masturbating Harry to “feel stronger” than him.

Bo, you are an idiot!

Are you giving Harry exactly what he wants and do you think it’s a way to get a “payback”?!

Excuse me, but what teaching should a girl who is ignorant of sexual matters draw from this scene and this fanfiction in general?

I want to remind you for the umpteenth time that Bo has never been openly consenting, on the contrary, she has repeatedly tried to avoid Harry’s approaches, of which she is afraid! And here she, out of nowhere, decides to give him a penis massage?!

Eh, but have you seen those bibs? Those “large hands”? Wait to read about his “prominent bulge”!

Faced with all this, one can do nothing but surrender and indulge the Male, it seems logical to me.

I’ll spare you the detailed description of the act of masturbation with boxers, even if, I must be honest, I had never found it before in any fanfiction.

I’ll just point out that Bo is convinced that palpating the genitals of her trusted stalker puts her in an advantageous position.

“For once I was the one in control as I fisted his curls between my fingers. A deep moan was forced from the back of his throat as I increased the intensity of my mouth, sucking as hard as I could. I wanted him to know how it felt; to have someone make you feel helpless.”

What the heck are you saying, Bo?! Harry is enjoying like a pig, he is not as terrified as you when you ran away from the restaurant chased by him, less than five chapters ago!

In short, in the end the boxers get wet, and he gets up to go to the bathroom to change.

“”Was that payback?” He asked smiling.

I didn’t reply.

“Maybe I should piss you off more often.” He chuckled. “It’s fun.”

Of course, he is laughing, this worm! He got exactly what he wanted!

After having washed himself (at least he cares about hygiene, let’s acknowledge it), he goes back to Bo and forces her to sleep with him in her bed. And she obeys, since

“I still feared him, despite the intimate moment we shared a short time before.”


Harry then enters the bed, with all the grace he is capable of.

“I was nudged over to the other side of the bed, his warm body climbing in next to mine.”

There are some lewd comments from Harry about returning the favor, he slips his hand under her shirt, but then falls asleep (like a real pig), while Bo stays awake, tight in his embrace and partly frightened.

The next morning, the two wake up, more sleazy jokes from Harry follow, the protagonist still feels embarrassed, then …

Fluff, fluff, fluff!

Pages and pages of hot air and fluff! Hundreds, thousands, millions of them, and each one takes away a grain of sanity!

Forty-nine chapters of pure nothingness await us!

While the first ten chapters are event-packed, that is, all the harassment and stalking of bad Harry, the remaining fifty ones contain virtually nothing: sex scenes and subplots that go nowhere with secondary characters appearing and disappear. Yes, that’s right, there will be Styles’ tragic past returning, but don’t think this will be an occasion for any serious psychological introspection. Above all, I have to repeat, from this point on, there will almost never be any mention of Styles’ actions and unacceptable behavior from the first few chapters, he will never apologize and the matter will never be raised again.

And I read all those chapters, I read them all, but I could not demolish them all by myself.

Evgenij rose to his feet and sighed.

-So, how are you doing with the translation of the review?- asked fanwriter91 getting inside the room.

-Well, quite slowly, just as slowly as I wrote the review in Italian.- replied Evgenij with bitter sarcasm.

-In the meantime you have also done other things … – objected the friend.

-Ah, I know! – exclaimed the other. -I don’t want to complain: I’m very happy that the blog is successful, and that other reviewers and other reviewers have joined our group. However, this review has to be translated, but it is very difficult because of all this fluff… –

-You don’t have to do it alone! – replied fanwriter91, while the notes of the soundtrack of The Fellowship of the Ring rose in the background.

(from 2:32)

-You started, and I can continue. –

-Would you be willing to face this ocean of hot air? -Evgenij asked, placing a hand on the other’s shoulder and staring him seriously in his eyes.

-This and more for you, my friend.- he answered resolutely. The two looked at each other for a few moments.

-Are we giving too much material to the Yaoists? – asked the tallest reviewer slightly embarrassed.

-Hey, I’m here too! – Mattheus93 exclaimed, running in. -I was over there watching The Lord of the Rings, what did I miss? –

And so, as you shall have understood, the Italian critical review of this fanfiction was split in three parts, and the other two were written by my colleagues, and first members of our team of reviewers: fanwriter91 and Mattheus93.

Hence, the first part of the review of “Dark” ends here. The translation of the next one, originally written by fanwriter91, shall arrive soon!

With relief,



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