“Crazy s2||Ateez” (The female protagonist is indestructible, but not her book)

[You may find the review of the prequel here: “Crazy || Ateez“.]

Lately Lapersonaditurno was trying to adjust her sleep schedule, failing miserably. The worst part was the sudden heat in these days that completely destroyed her willpower; the cold she had been waiting for vanished and left the place to a strange sun that nobody wanted in winter. Lazily laying on her bed and glancing at the turned off television, in less than a second a thought appeared in her mind.

She took a deep breath and switched on her computer, not ready for the huge confus…

-Wait! I can’t start without my chamomile!-

After preparing her drink, she took a deep breath, and switched on her computer, she opened Wattpad and started writing, feeling more relaxed than a couple of minutes ago. However, she knew she would have needed a lot of patience and headache pills.


Hi everyone!
I’m back with a new review, and today, as the title says, the victim will be the sequel of “Crazy”, by @ateezhwaa on Wattpad.


Before I offer this story to a random god as my sacrifice, the first book needs a summary: Hyejin (Hopejin) is a girl that has a messed up life, with an abusive boyfriend, a lost brother and dead parents; everything changes after a car accident, that will damage her brain, turning her into a psychopath and then locked up in an asylum. With the help of the mafia boss, Seonghwa, and his bandmates, she escapes and joins as a mafia member. Everybody’s amazed by her fighting and hacking skills and Seonghwa starts having a certain interest towards her. After months he asks Hyejin to become his fake girlfriend and she accepts, but their “relationship” suddenly evolves in a real love story. She finally meets her brother after years and gives birth to two twins with Seonghwa; unfortunately, she gets kidnapped and dies falling off a cliff.

Or that’s what the author wanted us to believe.

Chapter one, time jump twenty-one days before Hopejin’s “death”.

“who in the bloody hell are you?!”

In that time frame, she had got kidnapped by Seonghwa’s ex-girlfriend, the same person who made him crazy and drove him out of his mind. The reason behind the abduction is simple: the ex wanted to get back together with our favorite mafia boss so, to be on a clear path, she had to kill her current foe (actually, this part is not so clear, I did my best to explain it); after twenty-one days, Hopejin chose to save her children and die thrown off a cliff. In the present, six years after the events of the first book, the protagonist talks with Yuna, her new “family”, that will be important to understand how the hell Hopejin survived.

Yes. She’s alive. I don’t know how, but SHE’S ALIVE.

Meanwhile, Seonghwa is still desperate about his loss but he had to learn to let go. Spoiler: he never did.

The first chapters are kinda boring and full of crap, it will be easy to review them.

Chapter two, to test my inner calm there is a sequence of flashbacks set three years before Hopejin’s funeral: in order, the finding of her body underwater, in fact the Ateez personally did an analysis and confirmed the body was hers (I reckon it a slapdash work, how they assumed that body was Hyejin’s one?!), the funeral and, the last one, how Hopejin went from South Korea to Australia after she survived from the impact. The dynamic doesn’t work: her body was completely destroyed after being thrown down the cliff, Yuna’s dad says he and his daughter immediately brought her to someone who could heal her, and then they took her with them to Australia? This is actually impossible in such a brief timespan, especially without knowing her actual condition: she lost her senses for two weeks, I think it’s a little dangerous taking someone in a plane or in any vehicle that can go abroad in such critic physic conditions.

I’ll avoid the chapter three, it’s simply a filler. Let’s jump to the fourth one.
Hopejin has nightmares, but everyone says they could be memories of the past; in fact: after falling down the cliff, she doesn’t remember anything before that event, so it means she regained her original mental condition, too. Basically, she’s not crazy anymore.

Meanwhile, do you remember in the last review I mentioned a certain Felix of the Stray Kids? Well, he’s Yuna’s brother and he came back to Australia after his mission in Korea. The fun fact is Felix is actually Australian, but it’s irrelevant at this point. At least he tries to make Hopejin remember her past self.

Chapter five, Hopejin and Yuna’s family move to Korea. Meanwhile, Seonghwa decided to retire to private life with his kids for four years at this point and still blames himself for not being able to save his wife. I know it’s not easy to accept a loss, but dude, you seriously need to let go! It’s been six years!

And now, the first part in this story that left me extremely confused and angry, because this is the first time I see this Hope behaving like a Hope: as a perfect idiot!

In fact, talking about mafias, Yuna asks Hopejin the reasons behind killing someone, and Hopejin replies with: “everyone does what they do for a reason […] and I believe killers have their reasons too. Plus, don’t you have interest in mafias? I don’t see you complaining about them killing people”

This entire answer is brain damage: first of all, what the fuck? “I believe killers have their reasons too”, not every killer in this world has an excuse to justify their action, but I don’t even know if she’s trying to defend them. It seems a normal answer (at least from her point of view: do you remember Kelsey from “Danger”? I still think her brain was very smashed to believe having a criminal as her boyfriend was the same as babysitting a spoiled kid), but Hopejin never had a sensible reasoning and I don’t trust her. And what does “don’t you have interest in mafias?” mean? It came out for no reason! It doesn’t make sense!


Lapersonaditurno decided to drink a cup of hot milk mixed with honey and took a nap to not think about that answer.


But Yuna is not very different to Hopeijn: she says she has interest in them, but doesn’t justify their actions. Ok, I don’t actually know what “having interest in mafias” means in this case, but what she said seems illogical from my point of view. And then she says “Ateez use their money to make good things, like giving them to poor people”.

Ehm, maybe I left behind something but in the entire first book nobody mentioned it, they rather were represented as cruel assassins that made no clue about who they were killing. People who didn’t pay them in time were even tortured to death.

In the end Yuna and Hopejin, coming back home, get kidnapped for witnessing a murder.

Chapter six, Hopejin gets chained up into Ateez’s torture room to be killed (well, it makes sense, they could report a murder to the police), asking about the poor Yuna and then…I don’t know how to explain it, it’s very confusing: basically, a bunch of people comes into the room and talks about the protagonist. The talk goes like this: “she could be a sex toy for the boss” “nah, he’s sad” “we can’t let her go” “I know!”. And then they get shocked after Hopejin reveals her face.

Chapter seven, finally Yuna is free and goes crying to Hopejin calling her with HER name. Why did I underline it? Because since they heard HER name, everybody has a shock not believing the chained up girl is THE Hopejin we met in the last book. Wait, she spoke to them, why no one tried to recognize her voice?

Actually, someone did: Seonghwa has flashbacks hearing her voice, still thinks his love’s dead and the girl in front of him is just a copycat who had a plastic surgery to look like her and, guess how did he get suspicious? Because he saw a scar on her face. A MOTHERFUCKING SCAR on her face. She literally fell off a cliff, I won’t claim about the fact her face should be a little more damaged than a simple scar, but how can he say she got a plastic surgery by seeing something really insignificant? As far as he’s concerned, she could have been through it because of her extremely injured face, but it’s not likely to reconstruct the same nose, eyes and everthing as before, in both cases.

Chapter eight, the two girls get separated again and Yuna goes with Jisung, a rookie I think, while Hopejin is visited by Hongjoong but alas! She doesn’t remember him and rejects him, being scared of him. Poor guy! He’s perhaps the most decent character that appeared two/three times in the book.
Moving on, Yunho and Hongjoong get summoned by Seonghwa and he tells them his suspicions about Hopejin; so, “justified” by the fact he doesn’t trust her, he starts treating her like shit. Yep, for real.

Chapter nine: our protagonist goes to the girls of the gang and they tell her how she “died”, how her past life in the gang was and why she’s linked to the boss.
In the evening the girl thinks on how to warn her Australian family and inform them about her and Yuna’s situation when a maid comes in her room, saying the boss wants to have a talk with her in his office. She goes there and gets killed by Seonghwa.

Unfortunately, she remains alive (well, after being thrown off a cliff and staying alive I think it’s pointless trying to kill her again).

However, we’ll never know what actually happened to her, because the author’s account recently disappeared with all their stories. In fact, the book has counted twenty-seven chapters and I only reviewed one third of them. That means I’m no more able to go on focusing on the subsequent events, at least I didn’t have to waste so much chamomile.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ll go back to sleep peacefully: I’ve had enough of this book.

Full of happiness,



Closing her computer, she left the desk with a smile on her face. These hard days ended happily, and the elimination of the book was the icing on the cake.

Suddenly her expression changed into a worried one and, putting her hands on her hair, shouting:

-How the hell did Hyejin survive with half of the body destroyed?!-

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  1. The fact that this story disappeared out of the sudden from Wattpad is the best plotwist I’ve ever seen 😀

    Just for clarification I think that the Jisung who’s mentioned in the story could be Han Jisung from Stray Kids ( looks like the author really “likes” them, they even tried to make Felix relevant in the first chapters of this book). Poor man, he didn’t deserved it to be in this story 😦

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