Tauriel and false feminism

Today your fanwriter91 will talk about Tauriel, a female character added to the Hobbit film trilogy. I imagine that the reason was to insert a strong female figure, both to "get in step with the times", and to offer the female audience a point of reference. Unfortunately it went very bad.

About fairytales, live action movies and sexuality: Andersen and “The little Mermaid”

Ever since the first rumor about the production of a live action version of Disney’s “The little Mermaid” many indignant voices were raised, because Disney casted a black actress for the protagonist. However, that’s not what I want to talk about, but rather its basis, the original version of the fairytale.

ANTI-Comic Book Guy

The Comic Book Guy used to be a mockery of all the negative traits of a stereotypical geek. At the time, he was already pretty unpleasant, but he always had some sort of comeuppance, usually due to his own idiocy. But not anymore.