Tauriel and false feminism

Today your fanwriter91 will talk about Tauriel, a female character added to the Hobbit film trilogy. I imagine that the reason was to insert a strong female figure, both to "get in step with the times", and to offer the female audience a point of reference. Unfortunately it went very bad.

“Stalker [H.S] ➣ Daddy!Kink” (Amnesia, take me)

The rookie JoSeBach reviews another One Direction fanfiction where the protagonist's boyfriend is killed, then replaced with his assassin and her stalker Harry Styles. Nothing out of ordinary for these genre of fanfictions, yet not less upsetting.

“Hazard Hall” (Fifty Shades of Hall)

I really wonder how Justin Bieber would have reacted upon reading this fanfiction: indeed, here he is being described as a violent criminal who sells drugs and is obsessed with the end of a corridor of a public school.