“Crazy || Ateez” (It seems like Dory wrote this fanfiction)

The fanfiction we are going to analyze today is called “Crazy”, and here mafia is like a garnish for the LuV sToRy between Hope and the oldest of Ateez, and mafia boss, Park Seonghwa.

About fairytales, live action movies and sexuality: Andersen and “The little Mermaid”

Ever since the first rumor about the production of a live action version of Disney’s “The little Mermaid” many indignant voices were raised, because Disney casted a black actress for the protagonist. However, that’s not what I want to talk about, but rather its basis, the original version of the fairytale.

ANTI-Comic Book Guy

The Comic Book Guy used to be a mockery of all the negative traits of a stereotypical geek. At the time, he was already pretty unpleasant, but he always had some sort of comeuppance, usually due to his own idiocy. But not anymore.

“Dark” (Evil draws close!) – Part one

The very original story of a violent and aggressive Harry Styles who terrifies the female protagonist, repeatedly harasses her and forces her to go out with him. However, don't worry: he is so hot, and therefore he will be forgiven for no good reason. One of the first horrible fanfictions of this kind, and our great challenge!