“Damned if I do. {Larry mpreg} Book 1” (Let’s go hunt some demons!)

This review will demolish the sickening romance between Lucifer's son, Harry Styles, and God's favorite angel, Louis, the angel who can get pregnant!

“The Pastor” (God don’t forgive them, unfortunately they know what they’re doing!)

The final part of the review of this atrocious fanfiction! This story is worse than I expected, sometimes I had to hold back my vomit because of the many explicit sex scenes that made me more disgusted rather than horny.

“Dark” (Evil draws close!) – Part one

The very original story of a violent and aggressive Harry Styles who terrifies the female protagonist, repeatedly harasses her and forces her to go out with him. However, don't worry: he is so hot, and therefore he will be forgiven for no good reason. One of the first horrible fanfictions of this kind, and our great challenge!