A great menace looms over Wattpad and the entire world of fanfictions! The wretched stories!

Well, yes, after having demolished the Italian translations of many horrible fanfictions, we finally decided to start a new collection of critical reviews in English. We shall not wait any further for horrors like “Hazard Hall”, “Damned if I do”, “Dark” and “Danger” to be translated in our language: we shall instead lead a direct attack to the source of such evil!

Maybe it is better to provide some explanations for non Italian readers. My name is Evgenij, and, along with my friend fanwriter91, I created, in 2017, a blog initially dedicated to the slating of terrible fanfictions that violated the rules of the Italian fanfiction website EFP, such as plagiarism, trolls’ works, stories filled with sexism, machismo, rape and other crimes apologies, tales which were disrespectful towards to the real victims of bullying, self-harm and violence, abominations which altered historical reality and a lot more.

Since then, many other reviewers joined our team: more than twenty now publish their critical reviews of atrocious fanfiction here, as well as various observations on related themes.

I had already heard of Wattpad at the time, even though mostly in a negative way, because it is here that horrible “books” like After were first published and started to become popular. In addition, I noticed that the Italian authors of many wretched fanfictions started to move their “artworks” on this platform, looking for easier opportunities to get visuals, stars and enthusiastic comments written in poor Italian.

After some hesitation, and thanks to the support of many other Italian reviewers and many more readers here on Wattpad, who started to inform me about horrible fanfictions (way too many of them!), my team and I took the resolution to deal with Wattpad’s wretched stories, as well. All of this happened by the end of 2017, and since then we have demolished a great number of disgusting fanfictions containing unacceptable machismo, sexism, rape culture, racism, fascism and so on.

As I have mentioned earlier, we noticed that a consistent portion of such stories was not original, but consisted of translations of English fanfictions. While on one hand it was certainly easy to criticize these Italian translations, often written in a poor way (or even using Google Translate), on the other hand we started to feel that we were missing the real target of our criticisms. Indeed, the translators surely agreed with the horrible messages and morals of the stories which they published, but the existence of such wretched fanfictions was not their fault in the first place. Thus, we decided to lead our critical reviews directly towards the original authors, by writing them in the English language.

As we always did, we shall respect the code of conduct of Wattpad: we shall never allow any author to be bullied or harassed; however we shall be firm in our condemnation of every sort of chauvinistic, sexist, homophobic, racist or fascist message.

Nevertheless, as it is our habit, the reviews shall be seasoned with nonsense humor and sarcasm, so that, I hope, there shall be also room for some laughs.

So long,


[Reviews in English can be found under the tag English.]

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