“Crazy s2||Ateez” (The female protagonist is indestructible, but not her book)

The unnecessary sequel to an extremely confused story. Well, now all of this does not exist anymore, luckily.

“Crazy || Ateez” (It seems like Dory wrote this fanfiction)

The fanfiction we are going to analyze today is called “Crazy”, and here mafia is like a garnish for the LuV sToRy between Hope and the oldest of Ateez, and mafia boss, Park Seonghwa.

“Fuck Me, Daddy!” (Fuck you, Daddy!)

Lapersonaditurno stronca una fanfiction che si può tranquillamente scambiare per un troll, ma stavolta non ci troviamo nell’universo dei ragazzi che vanno verso Una Direzione o di Giustino el Biebero, bensì in Corea del Sud. Ebbene sì, si tratta di una fyccina a tema K-Pop. O meglio, sui BTS.