“Damned if I do. {Larry mpreg} Book 1” (Let’s go hunt some demons!)

This review will demolish the sickening romance between Lucifer's son, Harry Styles, and God's favorite angel, Louis, the angel who can get pregnant!

“The Pastor” (God don’t forgive them, unfortunately they know what they’re doing!)

The final part of the review of this atrocious fanfiction! This story is worse than I expected, sometimes I had to hold back my vomit because of the many explicit sex scenes that made me more disgusted rather than horny.

“The Pastor” (Holy water may not be enough)

Bambino impaurito che regge una croce in una mano e tende l’altra come a indicare a uno spettro di andarsene

A daddy fanfiction centered around a "sexually frustrated atheist" Harry Styles and a "not-so- innocent pastor's daughter" Hope. Yes, too bad that the religious theme almost never appears and the story is just a sequence of harassments scenes.

“Hazard Hall” (Fifty Shades of Hall)

I really wonder how Justin Bieber would have reacted upon reading this fanfiction: indeed, here he is being described as a violent criminal who sells drugs and is obsessed with the end of a corridor of a public school.