Writing tips: foreword

[Article originally published in Italian, then also in Spanish. English translation made by Tobi, with the revision of JoSeBach and Evgenij.]

Writing a book is like forging the One Ring: you put time and effort into it, you literally put your soul into it, and you can share what you are thinking.

In particular, fantasy and sci-fi genres allow you to be free to use the imagination as you please. Allegory, interpretation, possibility and creativity are the main qualities of these genres. In fact, you don’t just imagine a world, you create it from scratch.

It does not exist a perfect writing style, let alonea perfect book, since every reader is different.But there are some tips and rules that canhelp newbie writers to find their own writing style and, if they want so, to find a compromise between what they want to write and what readers wants to read.

In this collection I will talk about many things such as:

  • Wattpad’s functioning: resolution of malfunctions and bugs, and explanation of some mechanisms of that website
  • General advice
  • Writing style
  • Plot management
  • Characterization
  • World building
  • Positive and negative examples (character analysis, scenes and more)
  • Specific personalities and mental disorders(a smattering)
  • Stereotypes, especially from fantasy and historical stories
  • MBTI, psychological types and functions (a smattering)

Any advice is welcome!




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